Aeronautical engineering is an engineering branch dealing with the designing and developing of aircrafts, helicopters, rockets and bullets of weapon systems which are moving in the air. Furthermore, it is possible to gain required ability in order to develop skills subjected to repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicles mentioned above. Alternatively, aeronautical engineering contributes also on the topics covering such as land vehicles to R&D and Design activities. Consequently Aeronautical Engineers have the opportunity to obtain employment in a wide range among Aircraft and Defense to Automotive Industries.

In this regard, some examples of the working areas of aeronautical engineers can be listed as follows:

  • Turkish Airlines (THY)
  • Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI)
  • Turkish Engine Industries (TEI)
  • Air Supply and Maintenance Centers
  • Roketsan Commercial
  • Airline Companies
  • Aircraft Maintenance Companies(MNGAir)
  • Automotive Industries (Isuzu,BMC, Renault, Hyundai)
  • Industry (Arçelik, Beko, Infotron , AEG, Bosch, Momentus)
  • Public : Municipality, Ministry, Defence Industry Planning and Coordination Directorate ,State Planning Organization, Directoriate General of Civil Aviation, Universities
  • Overseas : NASA, Universities, Private sector