Purpose of the Laboratory

To be a scientific center that produces information that will form the basis for shaping the future at national and international level through scientific and applied research.

Mission of the Laboratory

To carry out scientific and applied research that will provide and support the production of knowledge at national and international level, to publish them and to put them into use.

Research and Application Areas

Aerodynamic and structural analysis of objects moving in air, subsonic and supersonic air tunnel design, manufacture and calibration, performance analysis of aircraft engines and engine elements, sensor calibration, unmanned aerial vehicle.


There are 6 wind tunnels, 4 subsonic and 2 supersonic, in the Aerodynamics Laboratory, which is a part of the Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Systems such as LDA, PIV, hot-wire anemometer and multi-hole pressure measurement probe are used for velocity and turbulence measurement. Force measurements are made with 6 component external balance. There are sensors in various sizes and pressure ranges for pressure measurements. There are also many experimental setups for educational purposes.

Researcher Information

There are 6 lecturers, 5 research assistants, 1 technician and 2 technicians working in the laboratory.