Purpose of the Laboratory

This laboratory was designed and set up to teach undergraduate students the basics of material mechanics experiments.

Mission of the Laboratory

It is actively used by Aeronautical Engineering and Astronautical Engineering students throughout the experimental engineering course and in line with student demands.

Research and Application Areas

There are applications of various undergraduate courses in the laboratory. These are: Dynamics, Statics, Strength, Mechanical Vibrations, Materials Science, etc.


Device Information

“Torsioning of Materials” experiment, “Truss Systems” experiment, “Bending of Beams” experiment, “Universal Vibration System” experiment, “Euler Buckling” experiment and “Universal Materials Test” experiment

Hardware Information

Truss Systems: unit frame, lattice bars, nodes, loading unit, comparator.
Euler Buckling: Unit frame, simple and fixed supports, torsion bars, weights
Universal Materials Testing: UTS device, force gauge, jaws, comparator, handwheel, hydraulic system, tension, compression, shear and stiffness samples, data acquisition system, computer.
Torsion of Materials: Unit frame, chuck, angle scale, test specimens, moment wheel, pulley, weight hanger, weights.
Universal Vibration System: Movable table and frame, pendulum platform, rod and string pendulums, adjustable spring rider, additional weight platform, springs, weights, vernier depth gauge, beam, oscillator, viscous damper, stockbridge damper, roller plotter/recorder, micrometer contact, control unit, computer.
Bending Beams: Unit frame, simple and fixed supports, dynamometers, comparators, beam samples, weight hanger, weights.

Software Information

GUNT WP300 Universal Materials Testing Program, GUNT TM150 Universal Vibration System Program


Torsion of Shafts, Displacement of Truss Systems, Bending of Straight Beams, Damped and Undamped Vibration of Beams, Buckling of Rods, Tensile Test, Compression Test, Shear Test, Hardness Test

Researcher Information

Responsible Staff: Asst. Prof. Dr. Demet Balkan
Research Assistant: Umut Beyazgül