Purpose of the Laboratory

To carry out scientific and technological researches for the development of aircraft and space structural elements, to manufacture composite structures and to perform structural tests.

Mission of the Laboratory

To carry out and publish experimental studies at national and international level with the aim of scientific development on composite structures and to transfer them to advanced technology applications. In addition, to provide students in the Faculty with an experimental working environment so that they can develop their theoretical knowledge.

Research and Application Areas

Investigation of structural design, manufacture and mechanical properties of new composite materials with the aim of developing Aircraft and Space Technologies.


Hardware/Device Information

Universal Fatigue Test System used in the Composite Structure Laboratory to perform mechanical tests such as tensile, compression, bending and fatigue tests of metal, ceramic and composite materials used in aerospace technologies; Impact Tester used to perform toughness and impact tests; Surface Polishing Device used to prepare samples for these tests; Microhardness Tester for microstructure analysis; 3-D Correlation Device for measuring deformations on a surface and obtaining strains with a camera; In addition, Data Collection Systems that digitize the signals obtained from the said tests and transfer them to the computer; Heated vacuum table for the manufacture of composite materials and pressure, strain, displacement, acceleration and temperature sensors for measurement in tests; particle launch system;

Software Information

MTS Multi-Purpose Software; 3D Correlation System Software; Data acquisition system software.


Tensile, Compression, Shear, Fatigue, Impact, Instantaneous pressure load, Particle effect experiments.

Realized Projects

  • Multi-Purpose Helicopter Design and Prototype Production (DPT)
  • KARAYEL Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Project (Vestel Defense)
  • Developing a Micro-Macro Model for Fatigue Behavior in Composite Materials Under the Effect of Repetitive Loads (TÜBİTAK 1001)
  • Theoretical and experimental investigation of the behavior of sandwich composite plates with viscoelastic core under instant pressure load (TÜBİTAK 1001)
  • Monitoring Fatigue Behaviors and Lifespan of Fiber Reinforced Polymeric Composite Materials with Fiber Bragg Grid (FBG) Sensors (TÜBİTAK 1001)
  • Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Crush and Collision Behaviors of Nested Crush Boxes (TÜBİTAK 1001)
  • Static, Dynamic and Fatigue Analysis and Test Verification of Plastic Fuel Tanks Used in Buses (SANTEZ)
  • CARGO Heavy Commercial Composite Shaft Design (SANTEZ)
  • Investigation of Particle Impact Effect and Establishment of Material Model (SSM - TUSAŞ)
  • Investigation of Bird Strike Effect on Canopy and Palaya (SSM - TUSAŞ)
  • Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Ballistic and Slow Speed Impact Performance of 3D Lattices Showing Negative Poisson's Ratio (TÜBİTAK 1001)

Ongoing projects

BAP Projects

Researcher Information

Responsible Staff: Prof. Dr. Halit Süleyman Türkmen
Technician: Müslüm Çakır, Sefa Başalan
Graduate Students: MSc (Uğur Kayacan), PhD (Fehmi Mullaoğlu, Zena Eren, Tahir Soyugüzel)

MTS Universal Testing Machine

Particle Launch Test Mechanism

Instant Pressure Load Test Set-up

3D Printer

High Speed ​​Data Acquisition System

Impact Tester

Micro Hardness Tester