Purpose of the Laboratory

It is to conduct interdisciplinary experimental studies and research in thermal sciences in the field of Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering and to be carried out in the laboratory.

Mission of the Laboratory

To provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to conduct experimental studies on heat transfer and fluid mechanics.

Research and Application Areas

Research areas: Measurement of the permeability of porous materials, determination of the interface velocity between the porous surface and the liquid in a porous channel, natural convection experiments and porous combustion chamber investigations.

Application areas: Determination of interface velocity on perforated aircraft wing surfaces, determination of natural convection and permeability in porous media, and velocity distribution in porous channels.


Device Information:

Temperature measurement, Pressure measurement in the channel, Velocity measurement in the channel, Natural convection test setups, Experimental setups for porous media, Data acquisition system, Electromagnetic flowmeter, Gear pump and its drive, Prostaltic pump.

Hardware Information:

There are two small water channels: 2500 mm x 300 mm x 300 m, Speed range: Small velocity in porous media, Darcy velocity

Main Studies

The Heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory is used to conduct research on porous media and finishing projects. The laboratory has its own Data Collection System. Temperature and pressure measurement data can be obtained during the experiment using the Data Acquisition System. There are two channels used for porous media studies and a pool for natural convection studies.


The laboratory has supported many porous media researches and dissertations with experimental systems.

Researcher Information

Responsible Staff: Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ziyaettin Şahin