Purpose of the Laboratory

To carry out training and research activities on Modeling, Control Systems and software development for the vehicle.

Mission of the Laboratory

Considering the educational activities; To provide a laboratory opportunity for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students to carry out their experimental, simulation or theoretical studies.
In terms of research activities; It is to carry out original studies, to produce scientific and / or useful models / products with funds from institutions and organizations such as the European Union, TUBITAK, BAP, Industrial Companies or in cooperation with these organizations.

Research and Application Areas

  • Model-Based Design and Control
  • System Modeling
  • Control System Design
  • Actuator Design for Spacecraft
  • Design, Production of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Optimization of Flight Control Systems
  • Improving Autonomy Capability for Marine Vehicles
  • Improving the Control and Autonomy Capability of Land, Air, Sea, Vehicles with Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence Algorithms
  • Control of Powertrains for Vehicles
  • Hardware Simulation in Loop
  • Target Development for Programming Microcontrollers by Code Generation


Device Information

  • National Instruments Compact Rio Sistemi
  • National Instruments MyRio Sistemi
  • Voltage Source
  • Oscilloscope
  • Drone Systems

Hardware Information

  • DELL Precision T1700 Workstation (4 pcs)

Software Information

  • SIEMENS Amesim / Ameset
  • Labview
  • Mathworks Matlab/Simulink
  • Phyton/C/C++


Within the scope of the courses:

  • RC and RLC experiments
  • OPAMP Experiments
  • Moving mechanism modeling and control experiments
  • Two-degree-of-freedom helicopter mechanism control experiments
  • Inverted pendulum control experiments

Within the Scope of Research Projects:

  • Multirotor system integration, control design and flight testing
  • Reaction Wheel system experiments
  • Autonomous guidance, control and navigation tests of marine vehicles
  • Development of control algorithms for autonomous vehicles is carried out.

Main Studies

  • Free-running tests for DTC self-propulsion - An investigation of lateral forces due to the rudder and the propeller, Omer Kemal Kinaci, Cihad Delen, Rahman Bitirgen, Afsin Bayezit, İsmail Bayezit, Deniz Ozturk, Burak Gunguder, November 2021, Applied Ocean research
  • Modeling and Control of Satellite Orientation Ground Test Rig, Abdurrahim Bilal Özcan, İsmail Bayezit, TOK 2021
  • Mamdani Model based ANFIS and Application in Prediction of Soot Emission, Muhammet Öztürk, İsmail Bayezit, İbrahim OZKOL, April 2021, European Journal of Science and Technology
  • A practical feedforward speed control system for autonomous underwater vehicles, Omer Kemal Kinaci, İsmail Bayezit, M. Reyhanoglu, December 2020, Ocean Engineering
  • Simulation of a VLCC Type Ship Crossing the Bosphorus in Autopilot Mode, İsmail Bayezit, Rahman Bitirgen, Muhsin Hançer, Omer Kemal Kinaci
  • Designing 3-DOF Hardware-In-The-Loop Test Platform Controlling Multirotor Vehicles, Muhsin Hançer, Rahman Bitirgen, İsmail Bayezit, January 2018, IFAC-PapersOnLine
  • All Stabilizing State Feedback Controller for Inverted Pendulum Mechanism, Rahman Bitirgen, Muhsin Hancer, İsmail Bayezit, January 2018, IFAC-PapersOnLine
  • Model-based 2-D look-up table calibration tool development, E. Baris Ondes, İsmail Bayezit, Imre Poergye, Ahmed Hafsi, December 2017, 11th Asian Control Conference (ASCC)
  • Augmented model predictive control of unmanned quadrotor vehicle, Arden Kuyumcu, İsmail Bayezit, December 2017, 11th Asian Control Conference (ASCC)

Completed Projects 

  • Developing Novel UAV Education Set and Training Curriculum in order to Catch State of The Art Technology, Petrisor Parvu, Tugrul Oktay, Axel Hessler, İsmail Bayezit, November 2018 - October 2020, Funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union
  • Numerical and Experimental Hydroacoustic Analysis of a Ship Model that can be Propelled by Remote Control, Director: Ömer Kemal Kınacı, Researcher: İsmail Bayezit, Scholars: Cihad Delen, Rahman Bitirgen, Afşin Baran, Muhsin Hançer, TÜBİTAK 1001 Project, Project No: 218M372, March 2019 , November 202
  • Reaction Wheel Design Fabrication and Three Axis Spacecraft Orientation Control with Reaction Wheel Sequence, Executive: Dr. İsmail Bayezit, Researcher: Rahman Bitirgen, ITU BAP Project, Project No: MAB-2017-40957, September 2017 – March 2020
  • Fixed Wing UAV Design Production and Autonomous Mission Control, Executive: Dr. İsmail Bayezit, Researcher: Rahman Bitirgen, Project Team: Bedirhan Yılmaz, Erdem Yusuf Gökduman, Mehmet Fatih Reyhan, Güneş Çağla, ITU BAP Project, Project No: FLO-2020-42516, November 2019 – December 2021

Ongoing projects

  • Autopilot Design for F16 and Simulation on Three Dimensional Platform, Project Team: İsmail Bayezit, Rahman Bitirgen, Mustafa Oğuzhan Akdoğan, İbrahim Yıldırım, TUBITAK 2209A Project, June 2022, June 2023
  • Model-based software and vehicle control functions are being developed within the scope of TÜBİTAK 1511 in partnership with an OEM and a company in the automotive sector. June 2021 – October 2022
  • Autopilot system and software for boats has been developed with a company in the marine industry. January 2022-December 2022
  • Within the scope of IPA II, functional software and hardware tests for Autonomous Vehicles are carried out. October 2020-December 2023

Researcher Information

Responsible Staff: Asst. Prof. Dr. İsmail Bayezit
Research Assistants:

  • Rahman Bitirgen
  • Hacı Baran
  • Fatih Ahmet Sarıgül

Undergraduate/Graduate Students:

  • Afşin Baran Bayezit
  • Mostafa Helmy


  • Emre Sayın
  • Ahmad Irham Jambak


  • Erdem Yusuf Gökduman
  • İbrahim Yıldırım
  • Mustafa Oğuzhan Akdoğan
  • Gökçe Şahin
  • Gülru Turgut