Major Research Areas

The faculty members of the department, together with research assistants and undergraduate students, carry out studies in the following research projects and industrial cooperation areas.

  • Theoretical Computational and experimental aerodynamics and fluid dynamics

  • Design and optimization (improvement) of thermal systems

  • Turbulence in combustion and internal combustion engines

  • Supersonic wind tunnel technology

  • Aeroelasticity

  • Unmanned aerial vehicles

  • Composite materials

  • Mechanical vibrations and structural dynamics

  • Theoretical Computational and Experimental Structural Analysis

  • Structural design

  • Control systems: adaptive, intelligent, digital, optimal, pneumatic-hydraulic

  • Robot control

  • Measuring Systems

  • Avionic Navigation Systems

Aeronautical Engineering students are offered the opportunity to benefit from the equipment in the ITU Trisonic Research Center and Faculty Computer Laboratories:

  • 4 wind tunnels for research at subsonic speeds

  • 2 wind tunnels for research at supersonic speeds

  • Velocity and pressure measurement systems (PIV, LDA, Hot-wire and pressure probes)

  • Flow imaging systems (oil, smoke, colored liquid and Schlieren method)

  • Building dynamics tests

  • Numerous workstations and personal computers for digital work