Purpose of the Laboratory

Experimental studies on reactive flows and propulsion systems, which is a fundamental research area in Aerospace Engineering disciplines.

Mission of the Laboratory

Providing laboratory environment and facilities at a standard that can meet the requirements of the studies to be carried out on reactive flows.

Research and Application Areas

Experimental investigation of premixed flames, split jet flames, spray combustion. Fuel injector characterization.



Piezoelectric pressure gauge

Lambert Instruments, image intensifier

Chemiluminescence Imaging (OH/CH)

Flame Front Imaging with Oil

Emission and Combustion Efficiency Measurement (NOx, CO,CO2, O2)

Tektronix, Oscilloscope

Stereoscopic PIV System

Interferometric Droplet Size Measurement (IPI)

Tektronix, Digital Multimeter

BNC, 8 Channel Delay Generator

Stanford, 4 Channel Delay Generator

Long Distance Microscope

Spellman, High Voltage Power Supply, 0-10 kV

Thorlabs, Optical Table

Quad Amplifier

National Instruments, Data Acquisition System

Cole Parmer, Syringe Pump

Mass Flow Controllers (3 pcs)

High Temperature Resistant Thermocouples (Type B)

Researcher Information

3 faculty members, 1 doctoral student, 1 graduate student and 1 undergraduate student work in the laboratory.